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Swivel Seats

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Elap Rotating Car Seat

The Elap rotating car seat is designed specifically to aid entry and exit from vehicles.

Our expertise, in-house manufacturing and testing of the unit ensures we maintain our world leading position.

The unit is available in several variants depending on the specific userís requirements.

Armrests, Lumbar Support & Memory Foam Cushions are all available as options.

The original seat can be refitted when required and no modification is made to the vehicle

Autoadapt Turnout

Swivels the car seat outwards for easy access.

The Turnout swivels the seat outside the vehicle in order to make it easier to transfer from a wheelchair. Available in a manual or electrical version for either left or right side installation (passenger side).

We recommend to use one of our low profile seats in combination with a Turnout to optimise head and knee/leg space.

Key features

  • Available for 2-door vehicles with immediate swivel and 4-door vehicles with forward movement around B-pillar while swivelling
  • Available in an manual and an electric version
  • Available for both left and right side installations
  • Combine with a Caroslide underneath the Turnout to optimize leg space
  • Combine with a Tilda to optimize head and knee space
  • Combine with a Carony to eliminate all lifting during transfer
  • EMC and crash test approved
  • CE-marked