Cuddihy Mobility is NSAI Certified

Infrared Controls

Infrared Secondary Controls allow you to control features such as your lights and indicators from your steering wheel

The standard Elap Infrared control units are available with either 7, 9 or 12 Functions.

The Elap Infrared Secondary Control unit is extremely compact , neat and provides comfortable operation of the vehicles secondary functions. The unit, including a leather knob, mounts directly onto the steering wheel and is adjustable in tilt angle and position, according to the user's preferences. It is available to control up to 12 functions of the vehicle's secondary functions, including Horn, Indicators, Hazards, Lights, Wipers, Wash-Wipers. No restriction to the airbag operation is encountered with this unit due to its small size and location.



  • Control of 7, 9 or 12 Functions
  • Quick-release fitting
  • Backlit Keypad for night time use
  • Rechargeable battery